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All of these books have been “”challenged” during 2012-2013 because of what some people consider to be objectionable content. Each year, hundreds of attempts are made by individuals and groups to have books removed from library shelves and classrooms.

Banned Books Week (Sept. 22-28, 2013) calls attention to these attempts, and celebrates something so many Americans so often take for granted: our freedom to read what we choose.

We’ve used an online tool called LibraryThing to compile a list of some of the books that have been challenged during the 20th century and up through the first half of 2013. All of the books in the list are available in the Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Library’s circulating collection.

Are you surprised by any of the books in our list of challenged titles? Does the list include any of your favorite books? How many challenged books have you read? How do you feel about attempts to ban these books from libraries?


Anthony Vaccarello, Stella Luna Fete Shoe Collaboration

Photo by Dominique Maître

Anthony Vaccarello and China’s Stella Luna have teamed up for the second season on a shoe collection, which includes eight different styles. Three of them were shown on the Belgian designer’s runway on Tuesday in Paris.

 “I have always loved designing shoes,” said Vaccarello at an intimate dinner at Caviar Kaspia later that night to fete the collaboration. He added jokingly: “I think I am a fetishist.”  For More

Would definitely wear!

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